Introducing the New Spanish Eastern Suburbs School Website!

Congratulations to Diana Rodriguez on her exciting new website! Wishing you all the best for your future Spanish lessons. Marissa X

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  2. Amanda says:

    Hola Diana y todos,
    Diana is the most amazing language teacher I ever had, you will learn more from her that you can ever learn in a classroom of 20 students. When I started my spanish was very poor I could understand a bit probably enough to know what my spanish speaker friends were talking about, but now after a few classes I feel a lot more confident to hold a spanish conversation with them and I feel extremely rewarded. And Diana makes you feel really comfortable and she has so much to share with you and about her culture too. I highly recommend Diana if you want to learn spanish in a fun and animated way for sure you will never get bored. Gracias Diana!
    Adios y suerte!!!
    Abrazos Amandita (France) x

  3. Diana Rodriguez says:

    Hi everybody,
    thanks to have a look my site, I appreciate all your comments and support.
    I can’t wait to give my next lesson and share the best of south America culture with all you.


  4. Ben Anderson says:

    Hey Diana,
    Thanks for all the Spanish lessons. The first lesson free really made the decision on which teacher to choose easy for me.

    Thanks again


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