Know more about Music History by Learning Spanish

We have discussed that Spanish music can be a used in expressing romance and in forming or maintaining relationships with other people. There is no doubt that love can be expressed in any language and it includes Spanish.

But Spanish music does not limit itself to pure love songs. As one of the forms of Spanish arts, it has undergone through a long and colorful history that helped it mold into what it is today and created an impact in the society.

Just like the history of their native country, Spanish music has gone through so many periods in time and has evolved to branch out to different genres.

Early period

Spanish music started during the time when Roman culture was still dominant in the society. Due to their influences in Christianity, music at this era were mostly religious and sacred. This was also from the fact that they were later on influenced by tribes from nearby country, Greece, called the Visigoths. They were later on influenced by Jews, Moors and Arabs who had strong religious influences.

Renaissance period

As people continued to travel to different European countries, music continued to grow as it picked up other influences that they incorporated with their style. Artists also developed a polyphonic style of singing. The Spanish guitar was also introduced which allowed instrumental and experimental music to prosper. Several great composers also emerged on this period.

18th century and beyond

This period in Spanish music can be described with the popularity of zarzuela and flamenco, two styles in music that is still used in music today. Though the music industry suffered a dark period during the governance of dictator Francisco Franco, it did not stop anyone from developing music and it has successfully produced pop and folk music and later on gained more recognition as they branched out to other genres in mainstream such as rock music.

Now that you know how Spanish music has changed through the times, no one can tell how it will change in the future. But the changes only allowed music to grow and produce more music to enjoy.

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