Spanish Poetry and its History

As previously discussed, poetry has been a part of the Spanish culture as proved and established by many poets who are recognized worldwide.

It has undergone many changes in history and has influences taken from different cultures that the Spanish society has been exposed to.

Several great poets have made their mark in Spanish literature by adapting to the new styles in poetry.

Most of Spain’s influences came from the Arabs, Hebrews, the Moors and the French Romanticism movement. Spanish culture was religious in terms of its theme during its early history. It was evident not just in music or poetry but in their beliefs and traditions.

Spanish literature has also been written in different languages. From Mozarabic, Portuguese and for the most time, even Latin. It was until the French Romanticism movement led by Germany and England where Spanish literature would be written in Castilian which is considered a romance language.

Spanish literature is not limited to works written in Spanish. A brief look will show how it has evolved from time to time.

During the medieval period, Spanish poems had two to four verses which were written in Mozarabic, which is dialect with Latin origins and combined with Hebrew and Arabic influences. These poems are called Primitive lyrics.

The combination of Arabic and Visigoth influences can be seen in the Spanish epic which originated in France. It is written in series of seven to eight syllables which has rhyming verses.

When they shifted from using Portuguese language to Castilian, verses were written in twelve syllables and poems during this period were compiled and published as books that were labeled as cancioneros.

During the start of romanticism, poems have become diverse in how they were written and what they were about. Its topics showed how Spanish poets have went beyond their imagination to form creative poems such as incorporating nature into their works. Even musicians were using poems in their music pieces during the Renaissance period.

Nowadays, Spanish poetry has been a part of the culture not only in music but also in theater plays and movies.

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