Spanish Poetry and its History

As previously discussed, poetry has been a part of the Spanish culture as proved and established by many poets who are recognized worldwide.

It has undergone many changes in history and has influences taken from different cultures that the Spanish society has been exposed to.

Several great poets have made their mark in Spanish literature by adapting to the new styles in poetry.

Most of Spain’s influences came from the Arabs, Hebrews, the Moors and the French Romanticism movement. Spanish culture was religious in terms of its theme during its early history. It was evident not just in music or poetry but in their beliefs and traditions.

Spanish literature has also been written in different languages. From Mozarabic, Portuguese and for the most time, even Latin. It was until the French Romanticism movement led by Germany and England where Spanish literature would be written in Castilian which is considered a romance language.

Spanish literature is not limited to works written in Spanish. A brief look will show how it has evolved from time to time.

During the medieval period, Spanish poems had two to four verses which were written in Mozarabic, which is dialect with Latin origins and combined with Hebrew and Arabic influences. These poems are called Primitive lyrics.

The combination of Arabic and Visigoth influences can be seen in the Spanish epic which originated in France. It is written in series of seven to eight syllables which has rhyming verses.

When they shifted from using Portuguese language to Castilian, verses were written in twelve syllables and poems during this period were compiled and published as books that were labeled as cancioneros.

During the start of romanticism, poems have become diverse in how they were written and what they were about. Its topics showed how Spanish poets have went beyond their imagination to form creative poems such as incorporating nature into their works. Even musicians were using poems in their music pieces during the Renaissance period.

Nowadays, Spanish poetry has been a part of the culture not only in music but also in theater plays and movies.

Poetry has come a long way and to take Spanish lessons in Sydney with Eastern Suburbs Spanish School can make you write Spanish poems on your own too!

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Be Exposed to Spanish Poetry

Previously, we have discussed a brief background on Spanish music and we mentioned that it was one of the forms of Spanish arts. Spanish is one of the most popular and successful countries especially if we’re talking about their arts and culture. Their history is so colorful that it makes it exciting to learn a lot about Spanish.

Spanish people are one of the most creative ones, especially in music. Their language is one of the most well-known and widely-used language which is no surprise that the language is easily incorporated in the arts, whether it’s written or spoken.

Another form of Spanish art where they excel is poetry. Spanish language is one of the most romantic language according to a recent survey, and it’s one of the reasons how Spanish can be used to attract your partner. In a world where modern technology is dominant, some still prefer and are still more impressed by old-fashioned style of courtship such as by writing letters or singing a song or even by writing a poem and there are a lot of Spanish poems about love that you can choose from or write on your own when you learn to speak Spanish.

Even some of the world’s greatest and most popular poets in history have created Spanish poems. The most notable one is a winner of a Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda. You may recognize his name in literature classes or will encounter his name in the future but in any case, ask any literature enthusiasts and his name will definitely ring a bell.

Neruda is a Chilean poet. Though he is of South American descent, he is very fluent in Spanish. It could also be attributed to the fact that he had stayed in Spain for a long time for diplomatic purposes. His works were mostly influenced by politics as during that time, the Spanish Civil war was ongoing. Though he left Spain, he continued to be politically involved as reflected in his literary works.

Some other famous Spanish poets in history includes Juan Ramon Jimenez, Enrique Garcia Maiquez and Rafael Perez Estrada among many others. Spanish poems have incorporated different themes in their poems which we’ll discuss in the future. From romance, poverty to death and other real-life situations, several Spanish poets have tackled these issues that makes Spanish poetry an inspiring work of art.

Taking Spanish lessons in Sydney with Eastern Suburbs Spanish School will expose you to Spanish arts and be amazed by their creativity. Enroll today!

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Know more about Music History by Learning Spanish

We have discussed that Spanish music can be a used in expressing romance and in forming or maintaining relationships with other people. There is no doubt that love can be expressed in any language and it includes Spanish.

But Spanish music does not limit itself to pure love songs. As one of the forms of Spanish arts, it has undergone through a long and colorful history that helped it mold into what it is today and created an impact in the society.

Just like the history of their native country, Spanish music has gone through so many periods in time and has evolved to branch out to different genres.

Early period

Spanish music started during the time when Roman culture was still dominant in the society. Due to their influences in Christianity, music at this era were mostly religious and sacred. This was also from the fact that they were later on influenced by tribes from nearby country, Greece, called the Visigoths. They were later on influenced by Jews, Moors and Arabs who had strong religious influences.

Renaissance period

As people continued to travel to different European countries, music continued to grow as it picked up other influences that they incorporated with their style. Artists also developed a polyphonic style of singing. The Spanish guitar was also introduced which allowed instrumental and experimental music to prosper. Several great composers also emerged on this period.

18th century and beyond

This period in Spanish music can be described with the popularity of zarzuela and flamenco, two styles in music that is still used in music today. Though the music industry suffered a dark period during the governance of dictator Francisco Franco, it did not stop anyone from developing music and it has successfully produced pop and folk music and later on gained more recognition as they branched out to other genres in mainstream such as rock music.

Now that you know how Spanish music has changed through the times, no one can tell how it will change in the future. But the changes only allowed music to grow and produce more music to enjoy.

So enroll with our Spanish language classes in Sydney today at the Eastern Suburbs Spanish school and get to learn how to sing these Spanish songs!

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Express your Love through the Spanish Language

Valentine’s day is over. We hope you had fun whether you had a partner to celebrate it with or you spend it with your family or friends.

Since we are talking about Valentine’s day, did you know that understanding the Spanish language could help you celebrate this event?

It is considered to be one of the most romantic languages in the world next to French according to a recent poll. It is not surprising as Spain has over 400 million speakers in their country alone and several more in many other countries.

But more than the amount of speakers of the language, the Spanish culture also celebrate Valentine’s Day as special like every other countries in the world. Even Hallmark, a company that produces greeting cards for any type of occasions, has continued to release cards written in the Spanish language as they recognize the high demand especially for Valentine’s Day. They acknowledge that Spanish is a good language to express feelings of love.

Here are two reasons why knowing Spanish could help you enjoy your relationship with a partner or find one.

1. Spanish music can be romantic.

Music can be a source of inspiration and gives the listeners a certain mood where they can relate their feelings and with their rich culture and traditions. Spanish music has been successful in producing talented singers and memorable songs.

Singers like Marc Anthony, Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Sans and Ricky Martin are just some of the popular singers in mainstream society not just in Spain but in other countries like America. And despite singing songs in a different language, they became a hit and their songs are well-received by the public. They have some songs on their musical repertoire that you can sing along to your partner.

2. Knowing Spanish connects you with other people.

Due to the unlimited reach of social media and the rise of tourism, societies are interconnected with each other and there are a lot of opportunities to meet people from other cultures and with so many people knowing how to speak Spanish, this may be a common ground for you to meet someone. It won’t be hard to make a connection with foreigners if there is no language barrier. There are a lot of tourists who visit Sydney every year so there’s a high possibility of meeting someone new.

These are just a few reasons why you should take Spanish language classes in Sydney. Of course, just the effort to learn to speak Spanish is enough to show how committed you are. So know how to express your love in Spanish by learning it with us today! Te quiero!

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Media as a Tool for Learning Spanish

People may find studying boring but it doesn’t have to be. Learning to speak Spanish or a new language might be a difficult task to do and may discourage anyone from doing so but as discussed in a previous blog, knowing a new language has its benefits that could help you in the long run.

One helpful and effective way to make learning an enjoyable activity is through the use of media as a learning tool. Media is not limited to providing entertainment but it can be a source of useful information.  It can be in different forms, whether on TV, radio, internet, newspapers among many others. In fact, even educational institutions occasionally incorporate media in their teaching methods to make it easier for the students to learn.

TV shows, movies and other forms of visual media helps in providing an animated experience in learning.  There are a lot of TV shows/telenovelas and movies that use Spanish as its language which you can watch. Not only do you hear new words to learn from but you get to see how it is properly pronounced and how they are used in conversations and real life situations. Some Spanish oriented shows and movies even also depicts their culture which adds to the learning experience.

Radio is also another medium for learning. Despite the absence of the visuals, listening to this audio form of media  is still an effective process and gives you the opportunity to use your imagination. There are radio shows  to choose from and even the music played on radio stations can be used to pick up new words.

Internet is becoming a strong force in media nowadays. It gives us easy access to almost everything that we want with just a few clicks. Anyone can even watch shows or listen to radio through the internet so you can see how convenient it is for anyone to use it. With access to articles, videos, and more, it makes easier to find information on the internet that can help in learning any new language. It even helps us communicate with people from different places on the world by joining social networks, chat rooms and forums.

But despite the availability of media as a tool for learning, taking Spanish lessons is still recommended to learn how to speak the language. Taking real Spanish Classes in Sydney with Eastern Suburbs Spanish School is one giant leap in learning the language. Enroll with us today!

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Discover a New World in Learning to Speak Spanish

In the previous blog, we listed the importance of learning the Spanish language. We pointed its benefits to booth career, health and personality.

Today, we will look deeper on how a new language can help us better in communicating to other people and build relationships among other cultures.

Basically, being able to talk to one another is a first form of communication. It’s where we break barriers and understand the message in order for us to respond accordingly. Thus, learning a new language is a great opportunity to look beyond our familiar culture together with its differences and similarities on others.

In addition, being bilingual is a new way of learning and appreciating the world. We are living in a time where in a few clicks; we are connected around the globe. We are no longer living in a secluded homogenous sector but in a diverse mix of culture knowing how other people live and speak.

In fact, nations arrange gaps and disputes by understanding each other’s culture. A country that doesn’t value foreign culture is less likely to promote diplomacy and international trade. So in order to cooperate and compromise issues, nations build trust and understanding of cultures for a better view of one’s perspective.

Being able to participate in Spanish lessons, give us the key to globalization. Aside from personal interaction, having knowledge of a second language is an opportunity to work in other countries with huge demand of jobs that are largely dependent to languages. Whether it’s for day-to-day operations or for internal administrations, being able to read, write and talk in different language is undeniably a valuable commodity today and the coming years.

If you want to bridge the gap between cultures and people, studying Spanish courses in Sydney at Eastern Suburbs Spanish School is one of the best ways to fulfill such ideals. Get in touch with us and enroll today!

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